Now you can hear the BEEP. An initiative by Safwan Foundation

BEEP:     Bio-diversity and Environmental Education in Pakistan

BEEP’s Vision

All students and ecosystems in Pakistan will thrive sustainable, supported by diverse habitats, plants and animals, and an educated and engaged society.

BEEP’s Mission

To build a national network that actively develops, delivers and supports biodiversity & environmental education and awareness to the students, teachers and related communities.

Under the department of BEEP, SF is launching its national campaign named-

CESP:      Campaign for Eco Schools in Pakistan.


Environmental education, and thus biodiversity education, first became prominent in the late 1970’s with the Tbilisi Declaration. This international declaration was the first international attempt to define what environmental education should be about and how it needs to delivered. The five core principles of understanding, knowledge,

Attitude, values and action are still referred to today.

The Pakistan Case- A Bitter Reality

Most regrettable fact of our declining environment & biodiversity degradation is that we have strategists, policy-markers that have no compatibility in their sayings and doings .We need conscious efforts collectively with concrete foresightedness that can be able to feel the pulse of relentless time which is fleeting and waiting for none other then leaving the footprints of the dedicated founders of nations. It is as sure as sure as death that changes can never be brought in the blinking of an eye but there is no antidote and substitute other then co-coordinated immediate step to save the generations’ mental caliber from changing into mental retardation.

              “Forecasting eyes always keep an eye on priorities”

We must launch drastic changes focusing on our academic prospects particularly in the field of environment and bio-diversity.Safwan Foundation personally strove hard to change the mislead aspect of life into gleaming ray of sanguine hope for its improvements and amendments. Although the environment and bio-diversity are considered the most complexes phenomenon while educating the students yet we have made it simplify enough to understand easily. We have best intake for students having focal point on environment and bio-diversity for student’s age between 7 to 15 with the utmost endeavor to bury that paralyzing force of youngsters that pushes them in to the swampy and marshy places of unawareness.

The students of Pakistan are trilingual in their learning during academics, and some times tetra lingual. This multilingual environment of learning is the root cause of extreme troubles of students of Pakistan. In rural areas millions of children are sauntering aimlessly in the pitch darkness of ignorance, restlessness, helplessness, lack of opportunities, the worst monetary troubles and they have been a prey of utter neglect by 99.99 percent of the merciless, callous and  irresponsible government officials (from head to toe) while enjoying the ecstatic felicity of bureaucratic  mind-set, red tape ,nepotism, and a lot more and they are real cause of the backwardness and never-ending issues in Pakistan. We tried our level best to bridge this widening gap in a very peaceful and result -oriented way by providing the environment & biodiversity education in their own language and dialect as well.

In Pakistan there is Dire need for

Campaign for Eco Schools in Pakistan.  (CESP)   

The environmental damage already inflicted due to alarming on-going population explosion, rapid movement towards urbanization and industrialization, increasing needs of energy and fast scientific and technological advancement cannot be reversed unless there is collective thinking, will and effort. These call for public awareness and participation for bringing about an attitudinal change and finally restricting further damage to the environment. Effective implementation of environmental management and conservation programmes depends on education, awareness raising and training in the relevant areas.

Make your School   “Eco-School” with Safwan Foundation.


We are going to offer you an Eco-Centre for your students and teachers as well to aware, educate, and trained them about local, regional, national and global hot issues regarding environment and biodiversity. We know your language, dialects and your thrust about the environment & biodiversity.

Why Eco-Centre

We pose                           

Crystal clear picture

We show the both sides

Our each aspect has its own identity

Our literature will arouse the reason of logic.

The Puzzle of nature will be solved shell after shell.

Black and white facts about nature.

We depict a closer picture.


The Eco-Centre will be consisted of

    * Book of “Qudrat Kahani” means the tale of nature. Library Edition

    * Booklets- Four colors exclusive super shine art paper. Each contain one short  tale.

    * Exhibition Packages- A-4 size photo color Kodak paper with four color         printing.

    * Posters- 18 X 23 inches photo color Kodak paper with four color printing, hard wooded frame with lamination and embossed. Durability 15 years.

    * Display Materials for Schools, Interesting Gifts for Children

    * Visual Support Material

    * For Young Environmentalists, School Libraries, Eco-clubs

    * Products and Gifts for Those Who Care About the Environment

    * Environmental Board Games

    * Field trips with Ornithologists, mammologists, herpetologists, botanists etc

    * Special Items

We have following categories of Eco-Centre for your prestigious school.


1. Tragopan House                          

2. Dolphin House

3. Markhor House

4. Mantis House

5. Barbet House

6. Turtle House

7. Pelican House

8. Otter House

9. Green Pigeon House

10. Red Munia House


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