Pakistan is an agriculture based country with most of its population living in rural areas practicing agriculture, yet it is one of the many developing nations facing a serious food crisis that is speculated to cause wide scale food riots if the problems are not taken care of at the earliest.

Safwan Foundation is currently involved in projects ranging from Tissue Culture to Water Management, we have a broad horizon in front of us and we feel that there is a lot more to do. And this feeling has not been put aside; we are constantly striving to bring the rays of hope and long lasting prosperity to the marginalized communities in rural areas of the country. Having expertise in areas of biodiversity, ecological agriculture, natural resource management, sericulture development, fisheries, modern seed technology, forestry and range management, women empowerment, food security, social mobilization, and live stock management.

Safwan Foundation is providing technical and material assistance in the following crops.

  1. Turmeric Cultivation
  2. Indigo Plant Cultivation
  3. Stevia Cultivation
  4. Bamboo Cultivation
  5. Orchards


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