Safwan Foundation is currently raising and planting indigenous and pollution abating trees to restore the habitat of our precious flora.

The  project has been designed to plant  Ficus trees including Ficus benghalensis and Ficus religiosa in 12 different villages at around 140 km2 areain District Kasur of Punjab. The project includes two phases each of six months. The first phase will include the preparation of saplings and their transplantation whereas the second phase will cover the post transplantation monitoring and public awareness. The main objective of the project is to conserve, restore and recover more than 100 bird species that once were commonly found in the area. The project activities involve the nursery raising and then plantation of  Ficus trees (Pipal and Banyan) with the involvement of local communities, awareness raising among the local communities about biodiversity and environmental education of school students as well as the general public in the villages and finally the post plantation care, maintenance and watch & ward for the planted trees. The main focus of the project is to sensitize the local communities about the importance of biodiversity and ecological role of different birds, animals and trees. Besides, the proposed project will also support to the gradually declining local culture associated with the Ficus trees in villages like spending hot summers under the shade of Ficus trees, conduct informal village gatherings under the Ficus trees etc. and also some of the local residents will get some earning through the project.


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